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August Kitty Cat Teether

August Kitty Cat Teether

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Welcome new moms, to a product that is sure to bring your little ones comfort like no other! The August Kitty Cat Teether is the perfect solution for easing your infant's teething woes. Crafted with food-grade silicone and organic beech wood, this teether offers safe and natural relief while looking simply adorable.

As we all know, teething can cause discomfort in babies and they often want to put anything and everything into their mouths. To make sure your baby gets the best quality product, our August Kitty Cat Teether is both 100% non-toxic and BPA free. We've also gone the extra mile and made sure it is lead free, mercury free, phthalates free, cadmium free, and FDA approved so you have peace of mind knowing your angel is receiving only the most secure materials to gnaw on.

At this special time of life in which you get to witness your beautiful newborn grow up from day one, we want to be with you every step of the way! Mommy knows best - so trust us in providing only premium teething solutions for your precious bundle of joy. Let our August Kitty Cat Teether provide a soothing reprieve from their uncomfortable gums so nap time can stay nice and tranquil.
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