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Rosie Jade Handmade

Rosie Jade Felt Play Food Cookies

Rosie Jade Felt Play Food Cookies

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If you’re looking for a wholesome and fun way to keep your little ones entertained, then look no further than Felt Play Chocolate Chip Cookies! These adorable cookies are the perfect accessory for playing pretend with mommy or daddy. They won’t spoil any real cookies – because they’re made of felt! Each set comes with three chocolate chip cookies (including one with a bite taken out).

Carefully handcrafted from high quality felt and packed in 100% recyclable packaging, Felt Play Chocolate Chip Cookies make playtime imaginative, educational, and eco-friendly. Even better is that each cookie is unique – so kids can learn the joys of individuality while also having fun! Don't wait until all the good ones are gone – pick up Felt Play Chocolate Chip Cookies before they're gone for good!

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