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Leo and Friends

Leo and Friends Alphabet Abacus

Leo and Friends Alphabet Abacus

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Do you have a pre-schooler at home? If so, then the Leo and Friends Alphabet Abacus is the perfect Montessori toy for your little one. Featuring a bright, vibrant design and plenty of colourful beads, this abacus provides great motor skill development and stimulates your child’s imagination.

It's easy to use even for those with no experience in math; the abacus can help teach basic science, counting, and more! Plus, kids will love seeing letters of the alphabet along with numeric characters on the abacus. This offers an interactive learning opportunity unlike any other! With its reliable construction from high-quality materials, trusted by parents everywhere but still affordable, you can be sure that your child has a great time every time they use it. Give them something special today with Leo and Friends Alphabet Abacus!

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