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Sebastian Silicone Stacking Toy

Sebastian Silicone Stacking Toy

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Introducing the ultimate stacking toy for toddlers – Silicone Stackers! Made with 100% non-toxic, food-grade silicone and completely free of BPA, lead, mercury, phthalates, and cadmium - these stackers meet all FDA Approved safety standards.

Your little one will have hours of fun as they explore the world of shape and color through stacking colorful pieces of different sizes. With bright colors like bright yellow, deep red and happy pink your toddler will love discovering each piece's unique design. Silicone Stackers offer a great way to practice precision skills in a playful setting!

Not only are Silicone Stackers fun – they're also easy to maintain! Simply give them a gentle rinse with mild soap every once in a while and they'll stay squeaky clean. Sturdy enough to withstand tiny hands but soft enough not to hurt your toddler - these stackers are perfect for kids who love playing around with shapes.

So come on over and grab yourself some cheerful Silicone Stackers today! Enjoy an entertaining educational experience with your little ones that you can be sure is safe and secure.
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